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Training & Workshops

Andy Roth | Private Coaching | NYC

David Rosenthal l Workshops l LA

Stevie Vallance | Animation Coaching | Toronto

SIRT | MOCAP Training | Toronto


“I’m always confident, when I’m working with Tim, that he’ll deliver just the read I’m looking for.  He always understands the ask and takes direction very quickly.  Not to mention that awesome voice … c’mon!”


Kim Hurdon | Voice Director/Owner | KH Casting

“I love working with Tim.  He is always prepared at session start and comfortably handles pivots in direction.  He is experienced in commercial work, cares about his craft and is genuine in his approach and performance.”


Dan McManus | Voice Director and Producer | Six Degrees Music and Sound


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim for many years - his natural instincts in the booth are second to none.  He totally gets all the demands involved in commercial VO and having him in the booth is like having another player on your team.”


 Karen Goora | Creative Director | BoomBox Sound

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